The labels


Noir is the head A&R of his labels Noir Music, NM2 and Klimaks. As all labels are curated by Noir they are also a true reflection of his taste in music which is known to be drawn by the dark, melancholic moods and melodies.

Noir Music was launched in 2007 and the label has had numerous of underground chart toppers spanning from deephouse to techno. If you listen to the full catalogue of Noir Music from the launch in 2007 up until today you will notice how broad Noir’s taste in music is.

As a result of that he launched two more labels over the years (NM2 and Klimaks) to divide the different genres and taste in music he represents into 3 different brands under the “techno-umbrella”.

Below you can read a little more about each label and hear what kind of genres and sounds they represent. 


Noir Music

The heavier, hard hitting and industrial sound of techno. It’s 100% club minded music arranged and produced to be dynamic and in your face. The sound of the label has roots in early days of techno combined with mordern day vibes. The music can be both minimal and melodic but its driven by raw, edgy and dynamic beats. 


The lighter, cleaner and more melodic sound of techno. Its not only aimed for club plays but also for pure listening pleasure. The overall sound of the label is more laid-back, deep and driven by arpeggios, beautiful melodies and/or vocals. NM2 has a very melancholic overall sound with roots in electronica, deep techno and house. 

Klimaks records

The more hypnotic, looped and often funkier techno. The music on this label is mostly used for early hours, pool-side vibes and background music. Its functional for club plays but also very much aimed for pure listening pleasure. The genres of the label can be described as dub-techno and deephouse. It has its roots in Detroit underground vibes and because of the simple elements it is the attention to details in the productions that keeps you locked in.