RELEASE: Noir - Damage Control

It’s been a year since I released originals and since then I also gave my studio a big make-over.

I have gone back to being more analog/hardware based in my production methods again and I guess in some ways you can hear that in this release.
For “Damage Control” I chose 3 tracks I felt had different vibes to them.

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Ramiro Lopez - On Your Face

It’s been almost 7 years since Ramiro Lopez had a productions released on Noir Music.
Since then he has evolved a lot as an artist and producer.
We have missed him on the label and extremely happy to announce his return with the excellent 2-tracker.

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Sisse Erika Tvarnoe
Done/Undone have been released

Noir’s two new acid tracks “Done” and “Undone” have been released via Spotify, Youtube and Beatport. Below you can read the press by Noir and head over to any of the 3 platforms to check out the full tracks.

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Rene Kristensen

Listen to the premiere of Noir’s upcoming track Done featuring Cari Golden

Full track:

For the “Done” track I teamed up with Cari Golden to have a female spoken word and a great message to build the music around.
I always prefer to do original vocal recordings rather than using samples. Cari understood 100% what I was after and I love the lyrics and execution by her.

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Sisse Erika Tvarnoe
OUT NOW: David Granha - Savala

We are super exited to present this 2nd release from David Granha on Noir Music.

Not only is he a super talented producer but he is also open to taking his tracks a step further and in the process evolve as an artist and producer.

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Sisse Erika Tvarnoe