NMW111: Noir - Disruptions


It’s been more than 2 years since I did an original release on my own label. It’s been 9 months since I had an original NOIR release. I wanted some time without releases. Some time to breathe, to think and most importantly time to be creative and to experiment. I have picked 2 productions I felt sounded different to everything else out there.

Eruption was already made in the fall 2017 and I have been road-testing it since ADE17 and changed it quite a lot over the 6 months period from when I thought it was finished to what it actually sounds like now. I wanted the track to be brutal like a volcano erupting, but at the same time have beautiful and peaceful elements. Hence the breakdown lava sliding into the middle of the track before it all erupts again. I have spent many hours trying to make it sound raw and unpolished.

Disruption is build around a super simple sequence loop I played by hand while jamming with new pluck sounds. As the sequence got layered and washed in effects, it became a quite haunting loop and that led me to add a boys choir to give that feel bigger impact.

This track sounds simpler than Eruption, but it’s actually stacked with layers. Disruption is meant to hypnotize and make you pay attention to details.