Premiere: David Granha - Balea

Listen to the premiere of Balea from David Granha's next Noir Music release.

David Granha - Savala

01. David Granha – Balea (Original Mix)
02. David Granha – Savala (Original Mix)
03. David Granha – Mortal Sins (Original Mix)

It is a pleasure to work with David Granha and to present his 2nd release on Noir Music.
Not only is he a super talented producer but he is also open to taking his tracks a step further and in the process evolve as an artist and producer.

I have been playing these 3 tracks a lot in my sets around the globe and almost each week discussed change of details with David.
It makes me proud to have this “Savala” release on Noir Music cause you can hear from the title track “Savala” is an extension of his previous release on the label and with “Balea” and “Mortal Sins” he moves his sound-design to new ventures and a more minimal, raw approach to the final outcome.
Exactly what I wanted from David. Exactly what I hoped for and well…… Even better.

These 3 tracks just sounds amazing and they have been crafted perfectly step by step over a long period of time. A lot of passion, energy and love have been put into this release.
On top of that the titles of the tracks also have sentimental value to David, so there is also a deeper meaning with this release.
Give them a spin and experience how powerful these tunes are.

Release Date: August 10th 2018

Sisse Erika Tvarnoe