OUT NOW: Thomas Schumacher - The Fuzz

Another outstanding release by Thomas Schumacher on Noir Music is now available…
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Over the past two years Thomas Schumacher and I have build an amazing friendship and released incredible music by Thomas on Noir Music.
I believe 100% in his unique productions and he believe 100% in my A&R skills to take the music to new levels.
I am honored to have yet another set of incredible tracks ready for a release on Noir Music and instead of me describing the music I asked Thomas to put words on the release himself this time.


”It’s been an emotional and rewarding process to record these two tracks for Noir. This release got me digging deep into my Acid and Rave Techno consciousness: The early 90s and it’s illegal Warehouse raves in abandoned dockyards in the North of Germany. Memories of collective euphoria on the dance floor burnt into my mind and soul. It was my goal to capture the original spirit, the-everything-goes, over-the-top, raw-as-fuck attitude that defined that time of my life.”
- Thomas Schumacher