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RELEASE: Noir - Damage Control

It’s been a year since I released originals and since then I also gave my studio a big make-over.

I have gone back to being more analog/hardware based in my production methods again and I guess in some ways you can hear that in this release.
For “Damage Control” I chose 3 tracks I felt had different vibes to them.

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Thomas Schumacher is back

After Thomas Schumacher’s succesful “Natural Rhythm” trilogy on Noir Music, the Berlin-based producer now returns with a fresh new release for us.
Thomas and I have been very much in sync with what music we like, play and get inspired by the past couple of years, so I was one big smile when I received these new bangers from Mr. Schumacher.

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OUT NOW: Noir - Disruptions

It’s been more than 2 years since I did an original release on my own label.
It’s been almost a year since I had an original NOIR release.

I wanted some time without releases. Some time to breathe, to think and most importantly time to be creative and to experiment. I have picked 2 productions I felt sounded different to everything else out there.

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