Premiere: Noir - Eruption

Get a first listen to the the full premiere of Eruption from Noir's forthcoming Disruptions release on Noir Music.

Listen to the full premiere on Progressive Astronaut:

01. Eruption
02. Disruption

It’s been more than 2 years since I did an original release on my own label. 
It’s been 9 months since I had an original NOIR release.
I wanted some time without releases. Some time to breathe, to think and most importantly time to be creative and to experiment.
I have picked 2 productions I felt sounded different to everything else out there.

Eruption was already made in the fall 2017 and I have been road-testing it since ADE17 and changed it quite a lot over the 6 months period from when I thought it was finished to what it actually sounds like now.
I wanted the track to be brutal like a volcano erupting, but at the same time have beautiful and peaceful elements. Hence the breakdown lava sliding into the middle of the track before it all erupts again. I have spent many hours trying to make it sound raw and unpolished.

Release date: April 20th. 2018