RELEASE: Noir - Damage Control

It’s been a year since I released originals and since then I also gave my studio a big make-over.

I have gone back to being more analog/hardware based in my production methods again and I guess in some ways you can hear that in this release.
For “Damage Control” I chose 3 tracks I felt had different vibes to them.

Psychosis carries a familiar Noir Music sound with a very ”in your face” beat and musical message.
Damage Control is a more groovy track build around modular synths and a filthy bass that cuts through the soundscape.
Autophagy is a fast-paced monster with percussive intensity and FM synthesis filtering in and out through the entire journey.

The tracks have of course been road-tested and believe me; even the smaller details changed a lot over time to fit my personal taste 100%
After a long process I am finally happy with the tracks and ready to present “Damage Control”.


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