David Granha - Resurrection out now

Sometimes things get served on a silver-platter for you and all you have to do is lean back and enjoy the moment. David Granha sent me a bunch of new music and told me he had gone in a new direction that he felt might suit Noir Music perfectly.

And boy was he right…….

I chose 2 of his tracks to road-test and made him perfect the arrangements and elements until we both felt they had reached their full potential. This has resulted in a really special release and those always makes me super proud as an A&R and label-owner.

The Gates can be best described as a big cinematic techno stomper and that huge break not only sounds so amazing on a big system but the reactions….. Wow! Goosebumps everytime.

Resurrection hits the nail of the atmospheric techno with crisp punchy productions I love at the moment. Big pads with just enough edge underneath to give you the substance needed to keep it exciting for many plays/listens.

This might be a new direction for David Granha but it sounds like he’s been producing techno all his life. A true testiment to his production skills. I can’t stop playing these tracks in my sets and hope you end up loving these bits too.