Victor Ruiz next on Noir Music

I am really proud to present this 3-tracker by Victor Ruiz on Noir Music. 
I think he is one of the best and most flawless techno producers right now and together we have carefully picked three tracks which perfectly showcases his production skills.

I often write how I’ve worked with the artists on my labels to make their tracks reach their best potential.
With Victor I feel everything has been served to me on a silver platter as his productions are already perfectly crafted.
Although Victor changed details right up until last minute, some of these tracks also dates back 2 years, so he has had plenty of time to make everything sit and sound right.

After a nine month break from releasing originals I feel truely honored that Victor has chosen Noir Music as the label for this venture. 
Both Victor and I feel these three tracks compliment each other and at the same time showcase his skills to make great, diverse music.
Check the entire release. The music will speak for itself.

Listen and pre-order is now available on Beatport: